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Meet the NLC's new Full Council

Dec 18, 2019

Australia's longest-running Aboriginal newspaper, telling stories from remote Aboriginal lands from across the Northern Territory.

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Connecting school students to learn on country

Oct 11, 2019

A three-day Learning on Country forum took place in Darwin in September, involving more than 80 school principals, teachers, rangers and ranger coordinators, Learning on Country coordinators and Indigenous cultural advisors.

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Legune Station Native Title holders reach first community development milestone

Dec 09, 2019

Native Title holders in the Top End of the Northern Territory have been working with the NLC's Community Planning and Development (CP&D) Program to complete an upgrade of their outstation at Marralum on Legune Station, 100km north east of Kununurra.

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The NLC members back stability and renewal

Dec 04, 2019

Delegates to the 121st Full Council meeting of the NLC have voted to return Samuel Bush-Blanasi as Chairman of the NLC, with Calvin Deveraux being elected as Deputy Chair.

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The NLC reinforces that any examination of Yuendumu shooting be independent and transparent

Nov 12, 2019

The Chairman and Members of the NLC extend their deepest sympathies to the family of Kumanjayi Walker at this difficult time.

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NLC Regional Councils shout out on water security crisis in the bush

Aug 21, 2019

The 42nd joint meeting of the NLC's Borroloola Barkly and Ngukurr Regional Councils at Robinson River heard more details about an impending water security crisis in remote communities and homelands in the NLC’s area.

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